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Entrance and grand stand tickets

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We offer several types of tickets, everything from entrance to the arena, seating in the stands and various VIP experiences.

Common to all is that you get access to the arena in the finish area and the World Cup square on Saturday and Sunday.

VIP experience is for those who want a unique experience with dining in a tent, either in the finish area or at the intermediate station.

For more information on VIP offers, see HERE

The entrance ticket gives entry to the finish area in Kvitfjell, including the World Cup square. You get close to the action when the racers reach the finish line, and you can see the big screen from most places in the arena.

The World Cup square consists of a food court from local vendors, exhibitions, sales of goods from local producers.
There will be entertainment from the stage before the start of the race.
Around the square there will be various activities for children and fun competitions!

If you want a slightly upgraded experience, and the opportunity to sit down and watch the race, you can buy a grandstand ticket. In addition to everything you get access to with the entrance ticket, you get a seat in the stands with a perfect view of both the finish line and the big screen. You also have a good view up the track and can follow the drivers down the last bends.
The seats in the stands are unnumbered.

If you need assistance or have questions, contact ticket(at)worldcupkvitfjell.no

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