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Snow trees

We want to become "a green event in a white landscape"

Sustainability - «development that meets the needs of today's generation without reducing the possibilities for coming generations to cover their requirements.»

The Bruntland Report 1987

The last years the winters have become shorter and greener. Warmer climate leads to this.
We in World Cup Kvitfjell want to take part in the engagement to secure a future white winter.
We must take our resonsibility, be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.
We must take responsibility for a sustainable production.
We must be innovative, we must dare to challenge ourselves and our cooperative partners to reach the goal.

From word to action and innovative solutions

Hafjell Kvitfjell Alpin organizes the World Cup and Summit Kvitfjell, and we work towards the goal that these events will be an "Environmentally approved event" by FEE.

We have selected 6 of the UN's sustainability goals that we are actively working towards.

These are a common thread in our work throughout the event, from planning to implementation and evaluation.

We focus on several areas in our work towards these goals

  • Local goods and services. All food served is local.
  • Environmentally friendly travel alternative to Kvitfjell that is worth using.
  • Focus on minimizing waste, as well as good sorting and handling of the waste.
  • Environmentally friendly alternatives are purchased and used where possible.
  • Community involvement - Inclusion
  • Good partners who want to achieve the same as us.

We shall become a pioneer organizer when it comes to sustainable sports events

Ambition World Cup Kvitfjell

Continuous improvement

Local food

We work closely with Gudbrandsdalsvegen to offer our guests local and short-distance food throughout the event. For 2023, we want to further reduce our CO2 emissions by serving more seafood and vegetarian food.

A greener journey

We encourage all our guests to use public transport to visit us. In close collaboration with SJ, we have now got trains that stop at Kvitfjell throughout the event.

Waste management

For the World Cup in 2022, we introduced waste containers with new Scandinavian sorting marks to make waste sorting more intuitive for both the public and officials. By making the sorting stations visible both with the help of colors and symbols, we show that sorting at the source is important to us, while also making it easier for visitors to sort the waste correctly.

Volunteers are also sent a sorting guide with information on how we sort the waste that occurs during the event. The same information is also hung up at the sorting stations and reused as long as the information does not change. The aim is for all our volunteers to become good at sorting, and that they can lead as good examples.

Another goal for 2023 is that all partners also gain good insight into the plan for waste management and that we phase out plastic packaging and other unnecessary packaging from here on.

The least possible residual waste

We want to reduce the use of disposable items during the World Cup in Kvitfjell. The disposable articles used must be able to be recycled as compost.

The least possible residual waste

We want to reduce the use of disposable items during the World Cup in Kvitfjell. The disposable articles used must be able to be recycled as compost.

The volunteer cup

During the World Cup in 2023, we will distribute thermos cups to all our volunteer, staff and crew to reduce the amount of disposable cups in the residual waste. We estimate a reduction of 10,000 disposable cups as a result of this!

Renewable energy

All energy supplied to World Cup Kvitfjell must come from renewable sources. Here we have entered into a collaboration with Gudbrandsdal Energi, and together we will think innovatively for secure sustainable solutions, and not least try to reduce our total energy consumption.

Community involvement

World Cup Kvitfjell will actively engage in the important work to reduce alienation. Absenteeism is a key challenge for public mental health. Together with key players and organizations such as Mental Helse Ungdom (mental health youth), we seek to find relevant concepts to involve and include during our events.

Our partners

We will set requirements for all our partners. Deliveries must be made in an environmentally friendly manner. We prepare contracts and agreements where this is specified with specific requirements.

We will be looking for new partners who want to achieve the same as us, who we can learn from, build together with and ultimately manage to achieve the goals of a more sustainable event.

Small victories on the way to reaching the goal

From the event in 2020 to 2022, we reduced residual waste by 32%, which corresponds to 700 kg. This was done at the same time as the scale of the event grew, so the real reduction is greater. Much of the improvement lies in better organized sorting, better and more information for both clerks, visitors and partners, smarter purchasing and not least the good collaboration with Midt-Gudbrandsdalen Renovation.

Sol og snø
White winter in Kvitfjell

Good education is a part of UN's World Declaration for Human Rights.

We believe that knowledge is the foundation to create a more sustainable future. We shall cooperate with locale schools to give pupils knowledge and understanding about sustainability in practice. We shall give good information and educate all our organization about our sustainability goals and mesures. Not at least we shall create an understanding, insight and knowledge so that they understand and respect the goals. Only via understanding and respect for the goals we can manage to reach them.

We shall give good information to the audience and visitors. We shall facilitate - make it easy for our guests to help us to improve. It should be simple to source sort, it should be simple to put waste in the waste basket, so that leaving it on the ground is not a good alternative any more. Together we shall become more environmental friendly.

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