Når du besøker våre nettsider plasseres en informasjonskapsel, også kalt cookie, i din nettleser. Du kan lese mer om de ulike formål under og velge hva du ønsker at godta. Les mer i vår personvernklæring.

Practical info

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Welcome to the feast!

Our goal is to offer good experiences for both young and old. The first you encounter after entering is the World Cup Square. Here you can buy good local food from Gudbrandsdalsvegen, among others. In addition, many of our partners and other local shops will have sales and exhibitions.

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Food and drink

Food and drink service

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Other practical information


The gates open 2 hours prior to race start.

There is a public information kiosk at the chairlift entry.

Cash: It is no ATM in Kvitfjell, you can pay by card or VIPPS (only if you have a Norwegian bank account). If you like to use cash, make sure to withdraw before travelling to Kvitfjell. Each exhibitor will tell you what kind of payment they accept.

Event office

Event office is situated in the Finish area. Event office may be contacted via marie@worldcupkvitfjell.no


More information about tickets you can find HERE.


You can apply for accretitation HERE

Useful phone numbers and web sites

Taxi: +47 61 28 07 10

Tourist office: +47 61 28 98 00

Ringebu local authority

1780221 10153790242165007 482641765 o

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