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Media and press


Welcome to Kvitfjell

Invitation and information for 2024 will be published soon. Accreditation form can be found below.

Our press-center is located on the south side of the commentator boxes in the finish area.

The accreditation is obtained at the press center. We will serve light snacks, water, coffee/tee and soda, and we will have workspace with high-speed WIFI access available.

For more information contact Chief off press, Christiane Fiske
e-mail: media@worldcupkvitfjell.no

The media guide of the year can be found here.

Press center will be open all official training and race days.
Opening hours Thursday to Saturday: From 08:00 to 16:30. Sunday: From 08:00 to 16:00.


You have to apply for accreditation for this event. Picture is required.

Accreditation form can be found HERE

You can pick up your accreditation at the accreditation office located in the finish area close to the chair lift.

We will scan your accreditation in and out of accredited zones, so it is important that you always have that on you.

If you have any questions regarding accreditation, please contact accreditaion@worldcupkvitfjell.no

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Multimedia rights

Infront Sports & Media AG holds the international multimedia rights to this event. International Television and radio networks, production and internet companies need to send the accreditation requests directly to Infront Italy for approval.

Please contact:

Infront Italy S.p.A.
TV & Media Rights
Via Deruta 20, 20132 Milano, Italy

Tel. + 39. 02. 77 11 21
Maddalena Ercolani maddalena.ercolani@infrontsports.com

Kindly notice that all internet companies' representatives need to read and fill in the dedicated form before receiving their personal accreditation.

Travel and transport

The gateway to Kvitfjell and Lillehammer region, will be the international airport at Gardermoen, north of Oslo, 150 km from Lillehammer.
The international Oslo Airport Gardermoen allows fast and reliable connection to Lillehammer by train, bus and car. From Gardermoen there are approx. 10 direct trains to Lillehammer per day. Travelling time less than 2 hours.
The route E-6, which is the main road between Oslo and Lillehammer, provides also easy access for cars and busses to Lillehammer.

Distances between the Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Lillehammer/Hafjell/Kvitfjell.
Oslo Airport Gardermoen - Lillehammer: 150 km
Oslo Airport Gardermoen - Hafjell: 165 km
Oslo Airport Gardermoen - Kvitfjell: 200 km

Rent a car:
Our partner, AVIS is available for you.

For train / bus information: This year the train stops in Kvitfjell! (SJ only)
Trains: www.sj.no / www.vy.no
Busses: www.nor-way.no
Local Busses: www.innlandstrafikk.no

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Please contact our partner Hafjell Kvitfjell Booking
e-mail: booking@hafjellkvitfjell.no
phone: +47 61 28 36 30

or our Chief of press, Chrstiane Fiske media@worldcupkvitfjell.no // +47 996 96 209

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Food and beverage

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