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Volunteer's information

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Volunteer terms

Also during winter of 2023, the organizing company Hafjell-Kvitfjell Alpin AS will organize important alpine events in Kvitfjell. You can register as a volunteer via "Become a volunteer" in the menu on our website. The organizer needs different skills to cover several work areas.

The World Cup race for women is organized in week 9, Wednesday to Sunday 1 - 5 March 2023. There will be 2 training sessions (Wednesday and Thursday) and 3 races (Super G Friday, Downhill Saturday and Super G Sunday)

Volunteer terms for the season 2023 are as follows:


Volunteers who sign a written agreement to participate up to 8 days connected to European Cup women/men and World Cup, will receive a free day card for each workday, having participated from 3 days to 8 days, included. The day cards are implemented in an Axess card. New Axess card cost NOK 75,- this season. Volunteers participating 9 or more days will receive a free season card that can be used in Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg and Hafjell Alpinsenter. The season card is personal and can not be transferred to others.
Liftcards can not be collected before your registration is approved by the organizer. A respons time of 2-3 days after registrations is expected.

If you work 5-8 days, you can upgrade day-passes to season pass for 2950NOK.

NB Liftcard must be collected in the ticket counter at the Middle Station in Kvitfjell and can be used during this season!

Meals/accomodation during European Cup and World Cup

Volunteers who live at least 75 km from the facility are entitled to free accommodation with breakfast and evening meal, at a place designated by the organiser.

From Monday 27 February, lunch will be served in the facility per working day for rigging and through week 9.

Miscellaneous term

  • Particular volunteer sweater/jacket and volunteer pin.
  • The arrangement with 5-years pin, 10-years pin/watch, 15-years diploma, 20-years plaque and 25-years watch continues.
  • Every volunteer can have up to 4 free tickets for the race days.
  • Thermos cup
  • Caps
  • To achieve full volunteer status, and among other things get volunteer sweater, pin etc.., each volunteer must take part for minimum 3 days during the World Cup event. The minimum age to be a volunteer is 16 years.

This year we have a partnership with Helly Hansen.

Those who are volunteers will get a Helly Hansen weekend with good discounts where we can shop directly on the Helly Hansen website.

In addition, there will be great Helly Hansen products for sale to during the WC in the volunteers den.

Other topics
We remind also about our web site: www.worldcupkvitfjell.no . Stay tuned on this. The site will be regularly updated with different news. Here you can stay updated both about volunteer information and other facts about the events, and register as a volunteer. To register you choose "Volunteers" in the menu. If you already have user name and password, you are "up and go" immediately. With a couple of extra keystrokes you can have this sent to your e-mail address. Follow us also on Facebook: Frivillig - World Cup Kvitfjell.

We encourage all who can to sign up via our home site. You will then directly be registered in our database, and all information later will flow quicker and easier. If you do not have the possibility to use the Internet, contact our responsible for volunteers Bente on e-mail bentefb1968@gmail.com. At last we hope that you still want to be with us and do an effort in our events in Kvitfjell. Remember that liftcard can be collected a couple of days after your assignment has been registered and approved.

Friendly regards
Ole Kristian Kirkerud, event responsible and Bente Fjellstad Bjørge, volunteer responsible

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