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Become a volunteer!

Why join as an volunteer

As a volunteer in Kvitfjell, you get several benefits, such as 1 lift pass valid in Kvitfjell and Hafjell, per day you work (minimum 3 days), which you can freely use in the same season. If you work for 9 or more days, you get a season ticket (value NOK 7,065). Officials' jacket in good quality, officials' cup, World Cup Kvitfjell caps, good offers from our partners, and the opportunity to buy good quality clothes at discounted prices in the officials' hula during the event. For more detailed information see Volunteer information

Perhaps the most important thing you get from joining as a volunteer is the social, good experiences and maybe some new friends!

We have room for everyone in Kvitfjell!

Where and when do we need clerks:
World Cup men: 10 - 18 February
Women's World Cup: 24 February - 3 March
E-Cup final Hafjell: 9 - 18 March
E-Cup final Kvitfjell: 15 - 22 March

The WC events in Kvitfjell in recent years have been a success. 2023 was not a exception, and not least did Norway get's it's first downhill win for the ladies with Kajsa Lie on Saturday. We expanded our event with Summit Kvitfjell, Næringslivsuka på snø, which was also very well received and visited. This has put us on the map internationally, and for the winter we will have the busiest event calendar ever with the World Cup for men in week 7, the World Cup for women in week 9 and the European Cup final for women and men in Hafjell and Kvitfjell 16-22 March! In addition, we will continue to further develop the offer to the public, Summit Kvitfjell and not least the sporting aspect.

To manage this, we depend on many skilled volunteers. Not sure what you want to do? see below for a brief explanation of the various tasks.

Join the winning team too!

Ole Kristian Kirkerud

Event manager

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Food and beverage

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