Når du besøker våre nettsider plasseres en informasjonskapsel, også kalt cookie, i din nettleser. Du kan lese mer om de ulike formål under og velge hva du ønsker at godta. Les mer i vår personvernklæring.

Team information

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All teams and personnel will be accommodated in Kvitfjell ski resort at the middle station, mainly at our partners Gudbrandsgard Hotel and Kvitfjell Hotel. All meals will be served at the hotels.

Service center / race office

In Kvitfjell we have 2 service points for teams. 1 race office in the bottom right by the chairlift, where you can find lists and get help with whatever you need. In addition, there will be a room open to coaches and the teams with light refreshments following the inspection.

The second point is a service center located at the middle station on the lower floor of Gudbrandsgård Hotel. This is in the same room where the team leader meetings are held

Team captains meeting

Teams captain meeting are held at Gudbrangard hotel at Kongressen.

Accrediation and lift card

Accreditation for all team personnel will be handed out at the first TCM. This includes Course access.

Teams with early arrival need to buy their own lift tickets. You will be able to use your accreditation as lift card from the first official training day. The accreditation will only work as lift card on race side of the resort. If you wish to make use of the whole resort, you need to buy a separate lift card.

If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us.
Marie Solhaug +47 90687012 // marie@worldcupkvitfjell.no

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